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A new mom gift basket ...

New Mom Gift Basket

If you're in charge of planning a shower for a mother-to-be, perhaps it is possible to include the soon-to-be-father in the festivities. There is a movement toward coed showers - one for both the expectant woman and the future father - that is gaining in popularity. This allows Dad to get more involved in the process and opens up gifting possibilities.

Why not pool your financial resources with several other guests? After choosing a new mom gift basket, decide what you want to include in the father's gift basket. For new baby, let puddin' n' pie help you put together a package that includes all the supplies the parents will need for feeding, bathing, dressing and nurturing their infant.

Puddin' n' pie has options for your new mom gift basket and choices for Dad as well. The "Bathing Beauty" spa set is packed with a relaxing assortment of all the things a woman needs to unwind after a long day: shower gel, body lotion and spray, body butter, bath bomb, sponge and body brush.

For Dad, our "I Love My Daddy" crate includes a handy guide book for charting child development, tips for financial planning and other valuable information; an "I Love My Daddy" picture frame and ducky bathrobe for his little pride and joy.

... and a gift basket for new baby

As always, the star of the show is the newest member of the entourage. Shower guests can cooperate on a gift basket for new baby and parents, or one set for each member of the family.

Child packages are also available to shine a bit of the spotlight on young siblings to make their adjustment to a brother or sister easier.

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