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Baby diaper cakes add to fun

New Mom Gift Basket

Planning a shower for the new mom can be tons of work, but that doesn't mean it can't also be enjoyable. Dress up the room with a festive baby diaper cake from puddin' n' pie. Our baby diaper cakes make a great presentation, and mom can use as many disposable items as she can get her hands on in the early weeks of motherhood.

Make the shower experience for you, your guest of honor and other attendees even more memorable with a few imaginative party games:

  • Name That Food - use taste, appearance and smell to identify baby foods
  • Anagrams - unscramble words relating to newborns and motherhood
  • What's In a Name? - match guest's names with their meanings
  • Little Animals - guests list as many newborn animals as possible
Participants will also get a huge kick out of this prenatal version of Bingo: Have each person at the shower jot down on a Bingo-type grid nineteen items (five across, four down, with a free space in the center) that they predict the mother-to-be will receive as a gift during the event. As the packages are opened, they each cross out that item from their Bingo card. When it comes time for the guest of honor to open presents, everyone will be riveted on the action. The first to get a straight line on the card wins a prize.

Three-tiered baby diaper cake

Puddin' n' pie's three-layer baby diaper cakes are sturdily built by hand, using several sizes of diapers so babies are covered as they grow. An elegant ribbon in a color of your choice ties up the layers; your baby diaper cake "topping" consists of a rubber ducky, wooden blocks and cute pewter charms to complete the package.

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