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Baby shower gift baskets

Baby Shower Gift BasketsThere's never a shortage of unique choices at puddin' n' pie for the smart shopper on the hunt for an all-inclusive gift basket. Baby shower sets at puddin-n-pie.com have you - and the future mom - covered with all the must-have items in well-stocked baby shower gift baskets for the care and comfort of the newest arrival.

  • BabyCare Essentials - basic care gifts
  • Wardrobe Starter Kit or BabyWear Essentials
  • Mealtime Essentials - feeding supplies with a charming picnic theme
  • Necessities Starter - a little of everything for basic care
  • Bath Time Essentials - everything needed for bathing
  • Traditional Layette and Classic Outfitting sets - infant couture du jour
Tip: If you are the planner in charge of organizing the party, don't be shy about contacting the future parents - or at least the dad-to-be - if you suspect a potential scheduling conflict. Although it is always nice to surprise your guest of honor, you won't want her of all people to miss out on the festivities. Additionally, double-check the grandparents' schedules to set a date that will allow them to be present as well.

Exclusive gift basket baby shower sets

Baby Gift BasketsThe guests are invited, the refreshments beautifully prepared, and you and several acquaintAnces have selected a spectacular puddin' n' pie gift basket. Baby shower plans are now nearly complete.

In addition to mealtime, bath, basic care and other baby shower gift baskets, all you now need is a three-tiered diaper cake to grace the tables. Or, quietly take up a small collection from willing guests at the party, to have other gifts for Mom, Dad, baby and siblings delivered the family periodically, long after the event has passed. It's a great way to keep the young family well stocked in the months to come.

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Baby gift baskets with essentials for the newborn. Classic baby clothing and newborn outfits.

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