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Kids gift baskets can teach skills

Developed and assembled for children ages 2 and up, our toy sets are geared toward giving a child endless hours of play, while subtly laying down the building blocks for independent learning. By nurturing a child's natural curiosity through play, you can ignite a lifetime of knowledge pursuit.

Choose a puddin' n' pie kids gift basket in a theme that interests your youngster: animals (zoology), playing doctor (science, medicine), colors and crayons (art), play tools (building, design) or tea parties (social studies).

A useful, fun kids gift basket

Kids gift baskets need not consist solely of life necessities; on the flip side, gift baskets for kids also don't have to be mind-numbing, disposable, frivolous or trite. Ideally, a quality assortment will include the best of every world, or items that meet somewhere firmly on middle ground.

At puddin' n' pie we believe that a child can have high quality, valued gifts that are also useful teaching tools - and are still loads of fun for kids. Gift baskets can teach art, science, social skills and other valuable life lessons, while allowing your youngster much needed time for play.

Puddin-n-pie.com gift baskets for kids

A kids gift basket from puddin' n' pie combines child versions of real-life adult tools and accessories with educational DVDs or literature developed expressly for youngsters' tastes. Nurture their learning nature with gifts from puddin-n-pie.com.

Order your baby gift basket online and have it delivered right to the doorstep of the lucky mother-to-be or have it sent to you so you can have it ready for a planned baby shower.

Our exclusive, superbly crafted sets are so well made that they can hold up to a child's not-so-delicate handling - and withstand the test of time.

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